The Systematic Product Experience Design was a one-day workshop prepared for Mastercard and co-led by me and the two founders of the product development studio Tomorrow Lab, where I worked for a few months in between my undergrad and grad school. The purpose of the workshop is to help the experience design team at Mastercard understand the key to user experience design, and how virtual interface and physical interface could be bridged together to create better user interaction with their product

*approximately 30 slides were taken out from this version of the presentation due to Tomorrow Lab and its partners’ non-disclosure agreement*


The workshop was divided into four sections: 


Introduction to Tomorrow Lab

  • Background: of our business, our structure, clients, and a sample of our portfolio
    Beliefs and approach: we try to combine research, data, design into product concepts that people want, then prototype those quickly to test them

  • How we work: Ideas take shape /Creating a problem statement / Competitor research and teardowns / Feature strategy / Technology strategy & Intellectual Property / Industrial Design & Technical Breadboarding / Engineering Development & Refinement / Prototype Fabrication & Testing / Pilot Manufacturing / Project pricing, timing, and managing risk

  • Prototyping cycle: work it works, what it looks like

6 Things we know about Product Development:

  • A crash-course in Product Development through 6 lessons and best practices we have learned, to give shared vocabulary and understanding.

  • Touching on Technology, Design, Scaling, and Development.

Financial Tech Products Case Study

  • A series of relevant case studies related to the Future of Payments & Finance, Physical Product Solutions for credit card purchases, and shopping experiences enabled by new uses of technology.

  • Pulled from projects on the internet, projects we love and hate, as well as some of Tomorrow Lab’s own projects.

Feature Strategy Workshop pt 1

  • Introduction of the the Tomorrow Lab Feature Strategy framework

  • Group Activity with Tomorrow Lab Staff and mastercard:

    • Seed each group with a problem statement or idea that they came with

    • Teams work for 30 minutes to fill out the Feature Strategy framework for their idea. Conduct online shopping or research as necessary.

    • Groups share-out ideas to group and announce their & prototyping strategy

    • Groups vote for best idea - TL to illustrate it further as follow-up.