DITIAL + GLASS : relief 101


I led a glass fabrication workshop (with my manager Stefanie Pender) for Autodesk employees during my summer internship there. The aim of this project is to combine the digital fabrication resources and glass working resources here at Autodesk BUILD Space and create a piece of artwork that utilizes the CNC in combination with the glass kilns. Participating employees were asked to model their design digitally, create tool paths in Fusion 360, CNC and cast their negative mold in plaster-silica with the help of BUILD Space staff members, and eventually, bring their mold to cast glass in the kiln.

This was a project about bridging the gap between the development and application of softwares. Not many developers get a chance to experiment with and actually use the softwares they develop for something, hence don't really know how to optimize for the user experience for these softwares. This workshop provides these people with a chance to work with the software they develop, notice and good and bad things about it, and make something cool in glass.