fmri experimental visualization



concept : fMRI visualization

fMRI mainly shows the metabolic function aspect of a patient’s brain, through measures a the brain’s blood oxygen level, which indicates which region is active at the specific given time. It is a merging technology and has yet to be fully explored or used for many diagnostic purposes. But it has potentials. 

It is currently used for:

  • research regarding how the brain works via comparison

  • how our brain react differently to different subjects

  • how substance use effect our brain activity pattern

  • how music activates certain areas of brain

  • etc.

This project focuses on creating a artistic visual interface demonstrating the possibilities for this technology via extracting important information from quantity of existing data and applying machine learning to create a normal-range model, compare a separate individual’s model with it to effectively identify anomalies. This is my attempt at opening something up.

Data processing and machine learning is done via a combination of python and R, visualization is created via javascript, html and css.
Due to the size of the documents, please see below for a screen record of the program.