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  • Bachelorโ€™s degree from RISD in Industrial Design with two minors in social sciences and computation;

  • Master in Design Studies degree at Harvard concentrating in Technology.

Experience / approach to things

  • Believes in systematic approach to UX design - organized and led workshop for corporate innovation group on structure of user experience design.

  • Experience with software start up - previously a Product & UX designer at Giaran, an augmented reality cosmetic hardware+software start up.

  • Have conducted user experience research for projects (survey / observation / data-analysis / AB-test / Usability Test, etc.), experience creating matrix/demographic map / infographics, etc.

  • Personal interest in creating tools for interdisciplinary engineering and design - art, Industrial, architectural, biomedical and AR/VR.

Software / Skill Sets

  • Familiar with CAD/Rendering softwares including Dynamo, Rhino/Grasshopper and mandelbulb3D.

    • In addition, Fusion360/Solidworks, Maya, Blender, Vray, Keyshot for rendering, etc.

  • Experienced with Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq, Figma for software wireframe + UI prototyping.

  • Experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Experience, Premiere, Lightroom, etc.

  • Able to code in html / css / javascript (including processing / P5), and python / C# at beginner-level.


  • Additional background in graphic design - part time position at company in Beijing, China for 5 years, freelance graphic designer since high school.

  • Can draw nicely, can build different things, enjoys programming, can organize and manage workshop / exhibition, always interested in learning new things.


As a professional social media participant, I keep a steady record of my life on my main instagram account @LYIPPP. If you are interested in knowing what I do or where I go when I am not working in a studio / office, feel free to check it out.