Giraffe is a children’s hospital furniture concept design that aims to keep children companied with appealing and fun toys in any hospital / doctor’s waiting room. The furniture is designed to be ergonomically-fitted for children from age 3 to 5, customizable, space saving, easily sterilizable as well as low-level of maintenance demanding. The sculptural giraffe furniture can be separated into small stools, storage bins full of toys and a foldable topographical-design based mattress for children to play on. The head of Giraaaffe is equipped with LED lights and a speaker connected to the hospital / doctor’s announcement system. It is also equipped with a hand-sanitizer dispenser that is usually hidden under the nose to avoid accidental ingurgitation. The lights int he furniture requires low electricity input and is powered by a rechargeable battery located at the rare-end of Giraaaffe. The battery is removable through lifting the tail. The entire furniture will be made out of a type of self-cleaning, flexible plastic that is coated on the outside of the furniture for hygienic as well as to avoid children having contact with any sharp edges that the design may have.