Interface for Immersive Figurative Performance Experience

Dance as a choreographic practice has evolved over the centuries from a pure personal expression and communal celebration to an embraced performance art form. Such adaptation advocates for the art, allowing opportunity for diverse development of the art form in a professional setting. Yet, this also begin to create limitation to people’s experience of dance through the established performer-audience relationship. Contemporary, technological innovations in the field often emphasizes on the amplification of artistic expression, further neglecting and eliding its originally empathetic, interactive nature. KhoRE:ios proposes an alternative performance interface where choreographic practitioners’ expressions can be translated into a system of interfaces which the audience can engage with without compromising the original performance. The research focuses on designing, simulating and building a responsive, integrated orthogonal system of which promotes the interactivity within choreographic performance.

Group Project by Lucy Yip, Yiqi Zhao, Zhaodi Wang and Shannon Peng