Self-supported Robotic Clay Deposition Paneling System

Ceramic printing has rapidly gained increasing attention in the field of parametric design and generative architecture due to its diverse materiality, that it embodies a combination of functionality and ornamentation. So far, the research done on clay has been focusing deploying a hypothesized design and evaluating on its success in meeting the desired goal. We believe that the next step to solidifying this technology is the reflection and reiteration of the input to output of these research to produce a series of derivable relationships. Through the reorganization of a tested system, we believe that we will be able to produce more solid conclusions regarding the innate materiality of clay and its future adaptation and application. This research project discusses the preliminary research and build works of our project, Pendulous, on how it aims to explore the possibility of achieving different design variation in the same controlled setting through solely varying the parameters of robotic extrusion, as well as the detailed analysis of outcome and how the result can be reconsidered in the system to create a parameterized program that allows replication of specific desired outcome in a productional setting.. The outcome of purposes a new design of an parametric architectural facade system, with opportunity in variable modulation and filtration quality based on localized needs.