I'm Lucy! Nice to meet you.

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in beijing // now on the east coast in the u.s.

22 year-old multi-disciplinary designer currently studying at Harvard University Graduate School of Design for my Masters in Design Studies degree.



I have a passion for blending the unlikelies together, and the majority of my work rests at the points where opposite disciplinaries intersect with each other. I take inspiration from the unique interaction between Art, Science, Design and Engineering in consideration of knowledge, data, behavior and relevance in creating a better world, and approach scenarios, problems and case studies in my own unique ways. To me, design can be taken beyond merely solving problems. It is an systematic yet disruptive series of decision that act as an interconnected part of the larger world ( referencing Holistic Design ). 


My interest in design focuses on these interactions,
especially in-between human and machine, objects and empathy. 


I'm an engineer who loves photography, a material researcher enthusiastic about computer science at the same time, and an educator and freelancer in love with art. Regardless of what I do or who I am, I will always be learning new things and exploring ways to create innovative solutions to problems.


As a professional social media participant, I keep a steady record of my life on my main instagram account @LYIPPP. If you are interested in knowing what I do or where I go when I am not working in a studio / office, feel free to check it out.